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Goals, Measures, and Partners

The “Federal Initiative Integration and Television” (BIF) is an initiative founded on the federal level. Its central goals are the following:

Those goals can be achieved particularly by the following measures:

So far, the following partners – individuals and institutions – have agreed to take part in the BIF or support it:

Other personalities we would like to include in this initiative:

Other representatives of migrants – especially in the cultural area and the business realm – are also invited to join the BIF and to support it in an active or passive way.

In addition, we are trying to win representatives of the television stations of the Federal Republic of Germany as well as of Turkey for the BIF and to integrate them into the current work of the initiative. Moreover, we strive for the participation of representatives of business and the educational sector, as well as for the support of other personalities active in public life.

At present, we are talking to a variety of players in order to win them for a participation.

Initial Financing

The financing of the founding phase was effected with funds from the European Social Fund (ESF) managed by the Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs of Baden-Württemberg.

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The “Federal Initiative Integration and Television” is located at the ZKM | Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe. The “Federal Initiative Integration and Television” was founded at the ZKM on July 15, 2005.

The Information about Goals, Measures and Partners is available here as a PDF file

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